!! OMG, He’s Naked: Another Reality TV Star You’ve Never Heard Of !!

Okay, let’s go through this one really slow. Stick with me cause there’s penis at the end of this boring rainbow:
There is a person named Cindy Margolis. She is an older blond lady who inexplicably holds the “world record” for being the “most downloaded woman on the internet.” This is really baffling because she’s kind of gross but I think it either has something to do with the fact that she goes on Howard Stern sometimes or the fact that straight men are dazzled and confused by blond hair and big boobs. Or maybe the record is just from the olden days when you actually had to download pictures and put them on floppy discs? I don’t know!
Anyway, the point is that there is a person and her name is Cindy Margolis. The cable backwater known as the Fox Reality Network is giving her a Bachelorette-type reality show called Seducing Cindy. Because why not!
Got it so far? Good. Okay, so one of the contestants on Seducing Cindy is really hot. He is a “model” named Leighton Stultz. Annnnnnd he posed for Playgirl. YAY. After the jump see Leighton’s penis and rejoice. Aren’t you glad you read all this crap now?
Oh, NSFW. Via Tabloid Prodigy.


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14 Comments on "OMG, He’s Naked: Another Reality TV Star You’ve Never Heard Of"

  1. That is a beautiful cock for sure and proves we can only think with one head especially when all we want to do is give head! And to blow Leighton would be a dreamboat cum true. But in reality (cough, gag) Leighton saved his big beauty for Cindy Margolis and did everything in his penis power to seduce her even proposing to her. How could any man or woman say no to that…and as jealous as it is that Cindy is the only one getting to enjoy every inch…no need to be petty bitches and about her. She was and still is gorgeous and totally legit. Google. All gay guys love Cindy too. So suck it up for us Cindy. You lucky cool bitch!

  2. Yuck, no pubes.

  3. I think these guys would be boring in bed. They look like the type,”oh don’t mess up my hair,I don’t wanna get all sweaty ECT” I like real guys. My husband of 4 yrs(YES i am legally married,I live in CT where it’s legal) & my Husband & i have HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT SEX. We think the more the hair is messed up(from pulling it but not too hard lol) & getting all sweaty is a good sex session,IT MAKES IT EVEN HOTTER THAT WERE BOTH VERS(WINK) & then we take a shower & wash each other clean, I don’t like the plastic pretty boy look.

  4. You can find Leighton Stultz’s videos on this website:

  5. Leighton Stultz is so HOT that he obviously has no clue what his hot body and huge dick do to the average guy. Straight guys probably even check this sweet thing out in the lockerroom. Hard or not, clothed or naked, Leighton gets me going!!!

  6. OK, as nice as the penis is, the story before was HIlarious. Great job on this boring rainbow.

  7. HOLY CRAP! No wonder he had no trouble posing nude. Big dick and looks like big balls.
    My ass is twitching already.

  8. perfection.

  9. omg… wish he would seduce ME… he is hung like the proverbial horse.

  10. if i had a body like that i would buy a room filled with wall mirrors and just walk around naked all day

  11. a follow-up to “OMG, He’s Naked: Big Brother’s Steven Daigle”, his video is finally available!

  12. Yeah, that was worth the story. Nice piece.
    And I love that whole “most downloaded” crap Margolis clings to. She trademarked the name “Most Downloaded Woman on the Internet” a long time ago just to be able to say. And her current face work is frightening!

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