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  1. He wasn’t 17 when he took any of the pics, his old buddies at Livejournal confirmed that, they even looked into the meta data on the pictures and found the date when they where taken, going by Chris’s Current age he was 18 and 19 when the pictures where made.

  2. Wish I’d gotten to see them, and see what all the fuss is about. No such luck though… awww.

  3. ahh but i want to see them

  4. you rule chris ctrocker!!! I have sa question for you what’s with all of the nude pictures online
    ???? Can’t you just have some normal pictures of yourself

  5. What’s wrong with 17?

  6. I’d make love to him until the break of dawn.

  7. Um…isn’t 17 legal? Most states have 16 as the age of consent. Double you tee eff man?

  8. well damn. he has some huge NUTS!!

  9. Those are fairly tame. I’m just surprised it took so long.
    Now… I wonder how long it will take for the two jacking-off sets he posted to, ahem, cum to light. Someone in that community is bound to have saved them.

  10. “I’d fuck him, if he weren’t such a whiny bitch.”
    Its the whiny bitch part that I like about him.

  11. Old news. He used to post on that community quite frequently. I’ve been apart of it for a good 2 years now.

  12. I am speechless.


  14. “Click to enlarge” didn’t make his penis any bigger…what a shame…I’d deny these pics too!

  15. has no peep

  16. These aren’t fake. I’ve been on the Suicide boys community for about 3 years. He posts a lot of pictures.

  17. Brit-Brit has a nice set of balls on her 😉

  18. I’d fuck him, if he weren’t such a whiny bitch.

  19. I’m sorry, she’s still a mess.

  20. Interesting that Jonathan Jaxson thinks he had the scoop on poor little chris cooper…. just a couple of days late…. keep up the good work OMG

  21. This is 100% him, I’m in that community on livejournal, have been for like 2-3 years. He posts all the time.

  22. These are not fake pics of Chris Crocker. If you look at the furniture in the nude pics and you see his videos on YouTube.com, you will see that the furniture in his videos is the same furniture in these nude pics. There are also some videos of Chris on YouTube without a shirt on… same sexy body. By the way, Chris, if you read this, come to NY… I’d love to give your hot cock a good mouth massage.

  23. For a sweet boy, that’s a pretty cock…

  24. He’s got one thick mojo.

  25. nah there fake because to of the pictures are regular pictures and i doubt the hair and facial expression would be the same i checked

  26. Wow, he’s even better WITHOUT clothes on! 😀 And here I thought he was cute just by the videos on YouTube.

  27. Who would have thought that that whiny guy has big balls.

  28. OMG, I had no idea that was a guy. I had briefly seen the video of the crying person, pleading to leave Britney alone, and I thought it was some pathetic girl, without a life. BUT, it is a guy, without a life. A very pretty guy, with such a beautiful body. If I looked like him, and had that splendid body, I’d be having such a life and would be asking, “Britney who?” Well, actually my attitude already is, “Britney who(?)” but you know what I mean.

  29. But…I mean…do we really want to see him naked? Nude & mascara is so totally Clockwork Orange.

  30. He looks almost like a man in those pics. Shame he opens that mouth, and a purse falls out.

  31. Not bad for a twink, if you’re into that.

  32. love it! i am calling him Chris COCKer from now on…

  33. Wow. I have never been less turned on by a naked male in my life.

  34. ooh!
    he’s got a fat sac.

  35. Wow, that was fast.

  36. The other day, I saw “Into the Wild” with a friend, and Emile Hirsch is fully naked in it, and my friend looks over at me and says “OMG. He’s naked.” She’s a fan of your site too!
    Thanks for hookin’ it up!
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