!! Sydney drag queen does Kate Bush !!

Leave it to an Australian drag queen to perform such a freaky song as “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush. This video is from a performance last month by the legendary Mitzi Macintosh. She has definitely perfected the “wild eyes.” (via WayOutWest)
For something a little more traditional, watch Mitzi perform “Stand By Your Man” after the jump. In addition to “wild eyes,” Mitzi also does a mean pirouette.

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2 Comments on "Sydney drag queen does Kate Bush"

  1. LOVE KATE BUSH! Mitsi does a fabulous performance…she’s awesome. Anyone who can pull of Kate drag deserves our utmost respect. I myself have performed this song upon occasion, though my style was a bit more subdued. Where is Kate? She didn’t tour often (especially in US) because she was afraid of flying.

  2. Leave Kate Bush alone!!! she hasn’t recorded in years, your lucky she even recorded at all. Leave her alone now!!! LOL just kidding love Kate she was years ahead of her time. Its nice to see some people remeber her. Congrats BTW on the Flamingo award, you deserve it.

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