!! OMG, he’s naked: Daniel Craig !!

Before he was James Bond, Daniel Craig wasn’t afraid to let it all hang out for the sake of a movie role: in fact two that I know of.
After the jump, see NSFW caps and video of Daniel running around nude in Some Voices and a bonus shot of his bathtub scene in Love Is the Devil.

Click to enlarge. Download video clip here.
From Love Is the Devil:
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13 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Daniel Craig"

  1. @jakeoff: Yeah, I’d be bitter too if my choice was made for me by my parents and now I have to live with an less sensitive lump of scar tissue (complete with that brown ring circumcised dicks invariably all have around the shaft).
    No thanks, give me my super sensitive cock just as mother nature intended. Next thing you know some lunatic religion will say babies need to have their eyelids removed because it promoted clean eyeballs. Fucking ridiculous.

  2. this man is BEAUTIFUL! and those eyes…

  3. Seth Erebos | May 30, 2008 at 5:40 pm | Reply

    I think that his fine, I love his face, and I love them cakes I could spank and f**k them all day. Well that’s just my opinion, peace 😉

  4. The Bun is sooo smooth and yummy !…

  5. I’m glad I don’t live in the world that apparently exists in someone’s mind, where loads of nasty “uncuts” roam the streets all slimy, smelly, and cheesy, refusing to ever wash, and wearing sweaters so tight they can’t be slipped past the head.
    Having known several intact/uncut American guys, each of them was so sensitive to hygiene because of some peoples’ absurd fear about a natural penis that they wash far more than needed. Lastly, most intact adult males have foreskin that “goes back” with a slight tug, and there are non-surgical solutions to stretch the skin a bit for those who can’t retract but wish to or experience pain when erect because of an immovable foreskin (phimosis).

  6. I thought he was supposed to have some kind of huge cock…I don’t see it

  7. Shaun Michaels | May 28, 2008 at 5:51 am | Reply

    Hes not cut,but does look it. Id have no probs with uncut if they rook a page outta his book:clean,4skin goes back,head fully exposed n not slimy,cheesy or smelly. Looks nice,betcha its quite a biggie when hard! Oh Mr. Bond,can u rise 2 the occasion?

  8. You know, the foreskin is meant to slide back and forth. I saw my natural, intact friend at the gym the other day and if I didn’t know better I would swear he was circ’d but it was just a little cold. Later in the hot shower it relaxed and he looked like God made him!

  9. Not that I understand why some people are as interested in knowing as they are, I don’t think the top pics are clear enough to tell. What could be a circ scar could as easily be natural. Inner and outer foreskin often have different coloration, so his foreskin could simply be retracted. I’m more interested in how unsexy he is overall, granted having garbage on a person may not help. At least he looks a bit better in the tub.

  10. He looks cut in the outdoor scenes, cause it looks like a circucision scar in addition to the head being exposed. In the bathtub he looks uncut. The IMDB bio said he played Jewish 3 times in films…mayb they fitted him with a circumcised overlay for the scene. Hmmm

  11. Nothing to add. That’s perfection. LOL

  12. woahhhhhhhh

  13. is that cut? Im surprised…

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