!! OMG, he’s naked: Jesse Camp !!

Jesse Camp won a VJ contest on MTV and hosted TRL a few times in the 90s. Now he spends his time looking for paparazzi so he can flash his wiener for the cameras.
See the results of his NSFW success after the jump!

(Thanks to Keith for the photo!)

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27 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Jesse Camp"

  1. lol, this is a good way to make dick lovers go into diet.

  2. Strike one, ugly dick.
    Strike two, the rest of the package is unattractive. Pasty white, no muscle tone, undead look is sooo not sexy. If I wanted to fuck a dead person, I’d go to the morgue and get’em fresh.
    Strike three, I have no clue who this is. It says a VJ for TRL, and we know that doesn’t take talent (i.e. Carson Daly). Which leaves no other means to make him attractive.

  3. What does size have to do with it. He looks like a walking advertisement for birth control.
    Put it on, Put it on, Put it on!

  4. Not to defend this mess, but… it *is* wintertime, he *is* outside, and there *is* such a thing called shrinkage. Still, some pubes might help with keeping the parcel warmer :/

  5. Alan down in Florida | November 21, 2008 at 11:34 am | Reply

    For all of his loose cannon behavior on the air I would have expected bigger balls.

  6. not hot

  7. omg – and not in a good way.
    Is that results of one of those bizarre French experimental thumb transplants?
    Wouldn’t that mean he would require something to frame?

  8. Okay, this is some type of ex-gay therapy, right? Well, it’s working.

  9. eww, that’s a really bad mutilated (cut) penis. ick, ick.

  10. Looks really terrible now. might have been cute before.

  11. I think he’s pretty cute, but yikes. I guess you could look at it differently and admire his really huge clitoris.

  12. I’ve seen midgets with bigger penises. It’s practically an inny.

  13. .. maybe not so much a weiner as it’s a Vienna sausage !!

  14. nasty. and not in the good way.


  16. lol I wish I had not looked. Oh well. Back to doing ladies for a few… 😉

  17. That shit needs a wash!

  18. ..i think its kinda cute…at least ha SHAVED. It probably looks pretty gross all over grown.

  19. WHY OH WHY would he show that lil thing in public… some “things” are best left kept hidden from public view !

  20. Looks like a normal, grow-er not a show-er type of endowment. Probably pretty good when aroused.
    Also, as Frank once mentioned here before (regarding Gene Simmons, I believe), shirt-but-no-pants is never a good look. (“Harold And Kumor Escapre From Guantanamo Bay” proved that this is true for women, too.)

  21. I remember this guy. Not too smart but entertaining

  22. Adam, so are you.

  23. ewww
    that is one ugly weiner.

  24. Eww, better not seen!

  25. get this man some BOTOX for his weiner!

  26. It’s childlike.

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