!! OMG, he’s naked: Jesse Spencer !!

You may know Jesse Spencer for his role as Dr. Robert Chase on the medical drama House. I’ve never seen the show, but I’m happy to say I now know just a little bit more about Mr. Spencer, or should I say a sizeable bit more! You can too, if you look after the jump, where I have nude stills from the film Death In Holy Orders [NSFW].

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40 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Jesse Spencer"

  1. Those are faked…his face was photoshopped onto pics of Alex Behan, a DJ from new Zealand.

  2. Its small (ish) because this film was shotin the Uk in the middle of November…. Its fuckin cold! and brave of him to even try it!

  3. Jesse Spencer is uncircumcised,as every male should be, and when an uncut penis is clean, it does not smell!

  4. I always loved Jesse as a youngster and he is still handsome. As for the people who say this is a fake, it isn’t. I saw the programme in which he appeared nude. It was a UK programme called “Death in holy orders”. Look it up. He ran down a beach with his willie swinging about (from a distance).

  5. I’m sorry but uncut penis smells like a vagina.

  6. snip or no snip its all good when its comes to Jesse
    i love all of him.

  7. love you Jesse your so hhoooott!
    besides my husband you my favorite man.

  8. besides my husband Jesse is the hottest man on earth

  9. Sean Scott | May 7, 2009 at 8:44 am | Reply

    It’s pointless commenting on this picture because it’s a well-known fake! It’s the naked picture of New Zealand presenter Alex Behan photoshopped over Jesse’s head, torso and background. Yes, being Australian he’s uncut… but he has never done a full-frontal nude scene.

  10. Foxie. . its obviously flaccid. . I hope you are aware that it gets bigger.
    Men dont walk around with stiff 8 inchers all day.

  11. I like cut and uncut (sans smegma), doesn’t make any difference. But I do like to see the glans which is much easier in repose, if one is cut. My main rant concerns shaved bush and balls. I like men to look like men and not little boys!

  12. How dare any of u ppl saying un cut is better.. Hell no.. There is no need for circumcision !!! It is a religious stupid practice.. There is no reason to cut.. And by the way.. sex with an un cut man is better for the woman and the man.. are you aware that cut penises lose many things.. sensitivity is one.. do some research !!! babies are born perfect.. And hello.. if you think men need to be circumcised to help keep the penis clean then you are stupid.. That means girls should be still circumcised. They stopped that long ago but for some reason kept if for the boys.. It is huge in America i guess , but where i come from down under.. Its a dying practice.. and thank goodness..
    He looks perfect! You are all just jealous ! haters trying to pick on someone !!!
    Jesse you rock mate! i think all of you is beautiful !

  13. Aaaaaaaaaah! This is seriously upsetting. It’s like the whole anti-hair brigade. I too believed at one time that I didn’t like hairy men or foreskin. Then I grew up a little (I’m 32 now) got a hairy, uncircumsized boyfriend and realized how fucking fantastic it really is. I love dick. And I love it in it’s original natural form. Give it a try guys. Really.

  14. MMMMMMMMM beautiful dick, no haters, I’m sure it gets bigger when harder and it’s not small compared to his body and for the folks who like circumcised penises, well, gross…that’s a weird fetish u have, my friends…foreskin forever!!!

  15. Though I would agree that the anti-uncut contingent on this blog are stupid, the hostile responses are just as bad. Everyone likes what they like. It’s unfortunate that people resort to name-calling when someone has an opinion they disagree with. It’s also unfortunate that people have to express an opinion by downgrading those that happen to be uncircumsized. Both sides need to chill and just like a man for their heart and brain, not their circumcision or like thereof.


  17. I’m sure he doesn’t need it but hell I’d do him.


  19. Shaun Michaels | September 1, 2007 at 9:27 am | Reply

    ok,lets stop here:uncut is unnecessary,it serves no purpose,4skins a wrinkly,smelly waste of meat! Cuts the best,no hang ups,no smell,Im cut,no scar,its perfection. I also know lotsa white boys with huse cut cocks! Mostly in my mouth of courseIm in London now,Ive had so many bad uncut,im only doin cut now! If I wasnt cut,Id knaw it off myself! Chop chop 4 perfection

  20. bedfordmike2 | August 8, 2007 at 7:44 am | Reply

    Pidge; yer a fukin dildo dude!!!

  21. Edok Thong Pidge Low class gay | July 29, 2007 at 1:50 am | Reply

    Pidge is a fucking slut Idiot.. ur opinion sound like u r the one who from 3rd world country..
    I found that uncut penis is more fascinating and delicious…
    Cut penis look clean but doesnt mean it will get good smell?? and all look like Dildo and some have ugly scar on it…
    Mine also cut but I would love to have uncut one..

  22. excuse me im uncut and i keep my penis clean and uncut is WAY BETTER its been scientifically proven that uncut guys penises are alot more sesitive and the foreskin is like a whole nother head with all the nerve cells in it and therefor farmore enjoyable during sex and for the female also because of the forskin rubbing back and forth against the vaginal wall :] get your facts straight men, also its only natural your born with it why would you cut it off thats like cutting off your own penis thats horrible to put a baby through that frankly i think it should only be done in a religious cercomstance such as with the jewish and otherwise should be made illegal

  23. Foreskins are as neccessary as eyelids…they do the same thing. Why don’t you slice off a baby’s eyelids a few weeks after birth? Then when he grows up he can have a mangled face to match his mangled genitals.

  24. I’m italian and my peen is cut,,, pidge you’re a moron

  25. Erm….what a fool!
    Circumcision is the most brutal unnecessary thing ever! I can’t believe ppl say that uncut penises are disgusting, when their very own circumcised penises are scarred completely round. Scars are disgusting mate, natural is better. If forskin wasn’t needed natural selection would have phased it out. You can’t argue against science, so sorry you’re wrong!

  26. Pidge, you’re an idiot.

  27. I agree with Shaun Michaels! Such hot men in Australia that when you see that disgusting uncut cock, it makes me want to peuk! That is wasted meat right there, like the Italians, and some south Americans and other Europeans! Americans and most Canadians know a good cock when they give it that fine Cut! LOL! Its better looking, tastes and feels so much better! Besides the smell too, it’s clean and oh so good looking! Ant-Eaters are gross! It seriosuly looks so 3rd World COuntry! Sorry! EVen though most European nations are rich…they still live with the fear of the Nazi’s returning and searching their peckers! LOL! Idiots! They’re missing out! Aussies and Kiwis, chop chop! Only a simple snip to make you guys look perfect! Now, to my Hot Texa Cowboy with his huge cut piece of meat! YUMMY!

  28. who cares if hes uncut, hes still hugely hot and thts a nice cock too. uncuts way better anyway.

  29. How can anyone say it is photoshop? It is pretty clear to me that the pic is legit. You can plainly see the camera there. It looks like this was taken during filming. One way to find out for sure is to get a hold of that film.

  30. oops. I apologise. My mistake. He is not pudgey.

  31. Shaun Michaels | June 29, 2007 at 7:09 am | Reply

    Another hot guy with an incredibly uglu uncut cock! Whats the point? Cut ot off or pull it back. Aussies should go back 2 practicing circumcision fully like us Yanks do. If its real,I was hopin he was cut cause hes so damn hot! Boo Hoo!

  32. just bend him over & fuck his brains out.

  33. He gets almost as naked in some Aussie swimming movie.
    BTW, if you’re still on the men who used to be hot kick… Hugh Laurie, please?

  34. sorry but the frontal nudity image is false! it is photoshop.

  35. Pudgey??? What the heck?

  36. Sorry, Chris, but this man is anything but “pudgey”. You must think a sufferer of anorexia nervosa is “physically fit”.

  37. A bit pudgey but cute all the same. Always wonder how he was down there. Now we know!

  38. too HOT!

  39. I think I have a new favorite movie! Thanks!

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