!! Ivri Lider sings in English !!

Openly gay Israeli superstar singer/songwriter Ivri Lider [official website] has released his first U.S. single, and it’s about a boy (a boy named “Jesse” to be exact). Lider has several platinum records in Israel and has an English-language album in the works. Could he be the next Shakira?
“Jesse” is one song on Sony/BMG’s new compilation of gay artists called “Music with a Twist: Revolutions.”
Watch one of Lider’s earlier music videos after the jump. The whole video is shot in one take with the actors standing very still.

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6 Comments on "Ivri Lider sings in English"

  1. I have been exposed to the next “great” icon in popular music and I am luvin’ it. Ivri, you are inspirational! “Jesse” is great, but I am nutz over “The Man I Love”!!! A, somehow, modern twist on a classic yet keeping it simple and showing true artistic talent without a bunch of techno studio tweeking! UR Great Man!!!

  2. Joshua-amitai | July 26, 2007 at 12:19 pm | Reply

    Ivri lider rules.
    I do not like him singing in English too much .
    But hey,the song rocks and keeps playing in my mind.
    I Like everything he does!
    keep up the great work Ibri(Ivri)
    How about a new Hebrew album???,
    Love ya Ivri
    I would like to hear jesse in Hebrew though.
    He’s the best!
    toda, Shalom

  3. I love the accent. The man is nice to look at. No complaints at all. : )..

  4. As a dedicated semito-phile, Ivri makes me wanna’ up and move. ANI OHEV OTCHA!

  5. Mixed feelings on this one. The arrangement is nice, slick and infectious but the lyrics seem a little too simple, too directly translated. Of course I don’t make a living predicting hits.
    Also, Ivri Lider is fun to look at. Oh my, yes.

  6. ‘Jesse’ made me cry. A beautiful, sweet song by a beautiful, sweet man. I haven’t heard any of his stuff before now, but I’m going to try and find some of it. Even the accent is a turn on.

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