!! OMG, he’s naked: Joe DiMaggio !!

Baseball player and for a short time husband to Marilyn Monroe showed off his bat and balls in a photo back in the day. See the NSFW slugger after the jump!
(Thanks de Cosmos!)

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16 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Joe DiMaggio"

  1. Coming from a gay guy, this man, when erect, would be f’ing HUNG like a donkey!!! My hot,wet mouth and my very tight ass would have kept him smiling day and night!!! Yum

  2. I think Yankee Clipper (God Rest His Beautiful Soul) was a ‘GROWER’ not a ‘SHOWER’ ……Marilyn (God Rest Her Beautiful Soul) and I Pray they are together, loved him and claimed that he was not only the ‘BEST’ LOVER but he was HUGE………..You know I think this man was just incredibly sexy and just humble, kind and generous and like Marilyn, I would have been so happy with him…….the man was drop-dead sexy…………That Italian Stallion would have been enough for me………Everything about him was just gorgeous and that ‘smile’ was heavenly…….he was tall, he was a man of honor and family and was completely the cat’s meow on and off the field………ladies and men loved him…………

  3. Tiny Yankee meat, LOL. Now you know why a hot woman like Marilyn jettisoned this angry incher. She was a hot woman that needed Deep love that Joe could NEVER hope to provide.

  4. What a lot of folks don’t realize is that a lot of white men have tiny pee-pees when flaccid, then get big and fat when in launch mode.
    That said, Joltin’ Joe was no barrel of laughs, beat the crap out of Marilyn, and supposedly was terribly shy and avoided publicity, unless you paid him for his autograph.

  5. That’s so wrong. He’s obviously a “grower not a shower” because he was known for being quite large.

  6. What does it matter the size of his dick? Back then women were’nt expected to enjoy sex, just endure it.

  7. he’s uncut…so he’s def a grower…i’m sure he fills in quite nicely. But his face is wonky so I’d have to turn the light completely out, but I wouldn’t kick him outta bed!

  8. hmm… i don’t see anything wrong with it… i’d still hit it. looks pretty average to me!

  9. It looks like a wizard’s sleeve.
    Poor Fellow.
    Where the hot heck did this picture come from anyhow?

  10. growernotshower | August 4, 2009 at 4:59 pm | Reply

    He’s probably like me. A grower not a shower. And I’ve had no complaints.

  11. Somebody needs to mow the infield if they want to find the balls.

  12. Somebody needs to mow the infield if they want to find to balls.

  13. Thats it? no wonder marilyn dumped him.

  14. hmmm…i think his body is beautiful, but the face detracts mightily.

  15. he aint a hunk but youd expect more blah…

  16. wow…i guess thats why the marriage was shortlived

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