!! OMG, he’s naked: Julian McMahon !!

British Australian hunk Julian McMahon is a little too tan and waxed for my taste, but I know people all over the world go crazy for him, so I wouldn’t want to deprive you all because of my own personal bias. Check out the latest, and surely not the last, nude stills and clips of Julian on Nip/Tuck after the jump [NSFW].

Click to enlarge. Download video clip 1 and clip 2.
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16 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Julian McMahon"

  1. Snarky ass queens

  2. i wish i can see his dick

  3. He is fine for a 41 year old! Not only a mgreat body but sexily handsome too! He’s got what they call Charisma, Elvis had it too.

  4. he didn’t wax whist he was in the soap Home and Away
    The video links only play sound

  5. He is so sexy to me, I love his body, and it has a different aspect to it. I would do him hairy or smooth, he has a cute ass also, not as cute as Mario Lopez but still cute.

  6. The movie is Wet and Wild Summer! from 1992.

  7. I forget the name of the movie it was in but years ago he stripped off on a nude beach scene and he was much better looking all natural.He must have a high pain threshold because he has a lot of hair to remove.I’m guessing the reaon for the removal is the gray factor.

  8. Agreed on the overly waxed comment. I’d never seen his body before, but with those tweezed brows (whose combined and bizarre effect – think Bert from Sesame Street goes to an old lady esthetician who abuses brow pencils – always turned me off) I’m not the least bit surprised by how unnatural and frankly, unappealing the whole package is.
    Older gay men trying to look like pubescent boys – who does this turn on exactly? Thwarted child molesters who turn a blind eye to added girth, gravity and time’s effects?
    I’m stumped.

  9. He’s also Dannii Minogue’s ex husband! That makes him, like, Kylie’s ex brother in law!
    If I had to choose, I’d choose Dylan over Julian. I wanna see Dylan get naked!

  10. Julian was so much hotter when he had a hairy chest… haha yeah he is Aussie, used to date Danni Minogue his mum Lady McMahon is infamous for wearing a very revealing dress to the Whitehouse http://www.smh.com.au/ffximage/2005/01/12/dressmcmahon,0.jpg if you want to see 🙂

  11. He’s totally hot. Who cares if he doesn’t have flawless abs? That ass MORE than makes up for anything.

  12. Austin, I would not kick Julian McMahon out of bed for almost any offense (except for bringing in a girl in with him). He’s bootylicious for sure!
    p.s. — look at those tri’s and the way his back muscles neatly insert into the musculotendinous junction right above his sacrum. How can you say no to that?

  13. Julian McMahon is actually Australian, not British. His father was Prime Minister of Australia.

  14. On the show, Julian is supposed to have a 10″ dick. I’ve seen the little shorts episode before and thought they didn’t do a good job of “reinforcing” the proportion. There should be a huge bluge in those undies. I never really cared for him though, I much prefer the other doctor. Now HE is hot.

  15. That whole scene was embarrassing. He needs to lose those love handles and get his abs back before he does that again.
    He was hottest in the second scene. He started going bad in the 4th. Age is catching up to him, and it’s sad.

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