!! OMG, he’s naked: Kanye West !!

These cell phone photos look real to me, and considering Kanye brags about sending nude photos of himself to random girls in his new song “Runaway,” this seems like the perfectly publicity tie-in. Kanye West is the new Kim Kardashian!

See the NSFW lower half of this image after the jump.


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18 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Kanye West"

  1. Not too bad. Wish we could see it in it’s entirety though. I’d suck him off!

  2. small cock!

  3. Mmmm would love to bury my face in his dick and get a good face full of the feeling and scent of his thick black pubes

  4. I wanna suck it yum, and do over things with it yum yum yum.

  5. awww so sexy! I wanna suck his big dick!

  6. Dear Shannon,
    Thank you.

  7. Gross … what a flaccid looking dong 🙁 Figures an asshole like that would have some old beef jerky in his pants! haha

  8. you’d be shocked to see how much they paid for that nude photo..

  9. He might have a decent piece of meat but that doest change that fact that he’s still an egotistic, narcissistic, self obsessed douche turd.
    I have a feeling that the size queens will go bonkers for him though. We judge people to often by how they look and not by what they do.

  10. Hey, it’s cut off.
    I wanna see all of it. Is he cut? Has he got a two-toned one? I wanna see.

  11. I was not talking about Kanye! Kanye is HANDSOME and …guys…THAT is a big dick! Not those nerdy things you fall out over all the time…this is something to “OMG” over! Yum…

  12. Robert, don’t pay attention to Shannon. He/She is the resident Troll on this blog who gets off on dick size humiliation. You can see all of their posts in past blogs. Apparently no cock is big enough for Shannon…..poor thing has an asshole the size of the Lincoln tunnel.

  13. Small?! Are we all looking at the same picture? The guy is huge!! I may not like him or his music, but I can certainly give him props for having a meaty cock. Geesh!!

  14. He is so small he doesn’t ever qualify for ‘Hung like a hamster’– What a huge disappointment!

  15. Neither the body nor the equipment seems all that impressive. My abs look better and well unless he’s a grower I got more than he packs under the belt.

  16. you can’t see the head or the face, it could be any dude’s wang! you can’t even see the head of his cock, where is my fancy black necklace 😉

  17. mmmmmmm. i fucking love kanye!!!! lol!!!

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