!! OMG, he’s naked: Kevin Barnes !!

This morning I’m not only bringing you some nude frontal photos of the lead singer of American pop band Of Montreal, I’m giving you the opportunity to take some of your own!
You see, Of Montreal is on tour, and apparently lead singer Kevin Barnes strips naked as part of the show. Be careful you aren’t going to an all ages show, as I imagine he will be more modest in front of his thirteen-year-old fans… maybe. Check the tour dates on their official website or on Pitchfork, where I found the photos.
If you want to give their music a listen before you buy a ticket, stream their new album for free here, and of course see the photos of an almost completely nude (he’s wearing a sparkly red cummerbund) Kevin Barnes after the jump [NSFW]!

Click to enlarge.
(Image Source. Thanks to Kevin for the tip!)

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14 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Kevin Barnes"

  1. Yeah… new rule. If you’re going to comment that some’s cock is too small, then you have to post your own cock pic to prove what makes you so confident…
    THAT would be a great blog post.

  2. Listen, about the large cock/small cock issue:
    NONE of these cocks shown in the “OMG he’s naked” series are hard, my friends. Whether they appear to be small or not, actual size during arousal has very little to do with size in a relaxed state.
    You cannot judge a book by its cover, and you cannot judge a cock until it’s been given a chance to show its true colors.
    So give it a rest.

  3. Note to security: Keep Yekimi out of the petting zoo.

  4. big or small, people should be able to show their cocks if they want to… i think confidence is hot on just about anyone.

  5. jesus. i dont think his cock is particularly hot -but sizewise, i dont see why anyone here is calling him small. have you all been watching porn and not getting out there and having real sex? sounds like it to me…

  6. So Kevin Barnes isn’t endowed like a whale. He doesn’t really lack either.
    I think his cock is pretty hot, therefore he should show it off.

  7. MISS ODA MAE BROWN | February 24, 2007 at 12:49 am | Reply


  8. I’ve seen ducks with bigger dicks!

  9. minimilist is so 2007!
    he really brings something to the table.
    jack jett

  10. That’s one *little* reason not to attend that concert.

  11. Yeah, that makes me never want to be near another penis again.

  12. Hey, I wore that same outfit to dinner last night.

  13. It’s kinda ugly…

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