!! OMG, He’s Naked: Manu Bennett !!

Have you been watching this Spartacus: Blood and Sand show? I know, I know, totally zzzzzs title, but actually it turns out the show is about a bunch of gay men romping around in the nude. (It is set in a gay bathhouse circa 1975.) Lucy “Xena, Warrior Princess” Lawless is also on it, so you can invite all your lesbian friends over for a homosexual teevee party! They might have to cover their eyes at certain points, though, cause at least on Friday’s episode, everyone was waving their penises around like they were on fire!
In particular, Manu Bennett’s hunky gladiator Crixus Bennett gave us a real eyeful. See it after the jump, along with another gladiator peen I don’t recognize. (Help me out!) NSFW!

(Click for bigger images.)
This is Manu Bennett in the middle here…
But who is the equally nude bald guy? Anyone?
Thanks to Chris for putting Blood and Sand on our radar!

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15 Comments on "OMG, He’s Naked: Manu Bennett"

  1. thanks for the pictures …. Manu Bennet very popular in my country, Indonesia after the Spartacus come to Indonesia

  2. A few guys working airport security see Spartacus actor Manu Bennett coming from a distance.
    “Oh, fuck, noooo….,” one of them groans as he sees the bulky little man begin to wave.
    “Oh shit, he’s shining again. He’s covered in it,” a guard shades his eyes with his hand.
    “Baby oil,” says another guard. “And a whole fuck load of hair gel and cologne. Pheww! Take a whiff of that! Just whatever you do, don’t touch him, or you’ll never get it off.”
    “Good evening, Mr. Bennett,” his colleague greets as Manu approaches the metal detector. “You know the procedure, just unload your stuff here and walk through there.”
    The actor tosses his head and takes a deep breath, flexing his massive pectorals against the thin fabric of his rose colored polo shirt.
    “Oh, but you see, that is just it…,” he practically whispers in a deep, gravelly voice, lowering his eyelashes at the guards. “I have no luggage. It was probably stolen, amongst other things. I was here early and thought I might get some shut eye before the flight. I went to lie down in the lobby –“
    The guards sigh in unison and one of them gestures past security. “Mr. Bennett, please just step through the metal detector-“
    Manu Bennett seems oblivious to their frustration. He pauses dramatically and furrows his perfectly plucked brow, continuing to speak in a rumbling purr.
    “While I was sleeping I had the most distuuuurbing dreams. Someone was taking advantage of me in the most compromising manner-“
    One of the guards interrupts him with a wave of his hand. “Mr. Bennett, we’ve been through this before-“
    “And when I woke up I found my luggage gone, simply vanished! When I got up to look for it, I suddenly felt something-“
    “Mr. Bennett!”
    “There is something in my anus. I can feel it – something big. Oh I don’t know what it is, or who put it there –“
    “Mr. Bennett!” The guard steps up to the smaller man and glowers down at him. “We have BEEN through this before. Many times. There ARE no drugs in your asshole.”
    Manu sniffs and runs his stocky little fingers down the outside of his thickly muscled thigh. “Drugs? Who said anything about drugs? Oh dear – it might even be a bomb! Just imagine all those people in the plane –“
    “Mr. Bennett, I will only say this one more time-“
    Manu arches his back and moves closer to the guard. “You probably just didn’t look deep enough before. You have to go in deeper this time –“
    Moral of the story: if you need a drug mule, Manu’s your man. There’s no airport security in the world wanting a look up that hole.

  3. Thx to the poster who pointed out the Power Ranger I knew I recognized him, but couldn’t remember from where.
    Also The Romans used to shave their body hair not so much for cleaniness, though that was part of it, but because the “barbarians’ to the north didn’t they left their bodies hairy. In the disgust the Romans felt for their enemies they wished to be opposite thus shaved bodies.

  4. I can’t find any info about Manu Bennett’s personal life, other than that there seems to be no reference to a wife or gf. So…is he gay? By the way, nice cock!

  5. @Michael
    LOL I just started watching this series. Funny thing is, the men have shaved pubes but the women don’t!! Not to be sexist, but that’s just nasty …

  6. OMG, its human | February 6, 2010 at 6:10 am | Reply

    Watched this on Netflix Instant Watch, (This scene is from ep 2 about 6 min in.) As far as scenes featuring full frontal male nudity go…this one lasts forever.
    My reaction to the scene is “Dudes got balls to be Mr. Tough Talk while totally naked.”
    Semi-corny show but not bad. Reminds me of a mix between 300 (slowmo digi-blood) and the rated version of Caligula (The unrated version is half porno, this is just lots of Tv sex). The research so far seems good.
    Thanks for sharing this show. Oh yea and dudes hot, and the scene before it is…interesting.

  7. The black guy with Afro was on the kids show Power ranger RPM. Wow what a great idol!

  8. Hi Chuck. Welcome to the internet. Sometime people leave unnecessarily mean comments on the internet. I don’t know why, but they do. Sensible people ignore them. You’ll get used to it.

  9. Ok Chuck. Time to switch to decaf.

  10. omg, who is the bald guy!

  11. @Michael
    Yes some gladiators “shaved their pubes”, several classes of people and individuals throughout history have had to shave body hair out of necessity due to lice.

  12. Thank you so much, Chuck! I thought I was all alone. I like look at the pics just as much as the next guy, but the responses from these ridiculous, shallow people make me ashamed to be gay. And most of us wonder why the world looks at us the way it does. What a joke!

  13. I understand that this is a blog and when you post naked pictures, the judgments will automatically be shallow. But it makes me sad for all the men featured in naked posts that it is IMPOSSIBLE to win in this catty gay blogosphere. Please tell me it’s not like this in real life.
    “Ew, he’s uncut? That’s disgusting! Get clean!”
    “Ew, he’s cut? How barbaric–what’s wrong with the way nature intended?”
    “He has a 10″ inch penis! HAHAHA, how fucking small! He should go ahead an kill himself.”
    What self respecting gay man would want to deal with an “average” 20 incher?
    “Ew, look at all those pubes! It’s called ‘trimming the hedges’! What is this, 1970?”
    “Yuck, he looks like he has a mangina!”
    That man up above is beautiful. I would not discriminate whether he was cut or uncut, 4″ or 10″, trimmed or au natural. It’s hard enough finding a decent man these days. Should we really be complaining over stuff this unimportant?
    I’m just going to attribute this to only being able to make physical judgments given all we can see in these pictures is a physical body.
    OMG, He’s Naked posts always leave plenty of room for comedy! And sexiness…

  14. Gladiators circa 1975? I didn’t know there WERE gladiators in 1975. Is that cuz of don’t as, don’t tell? 🙂

  15. Do you think gladiators shaved their pubes? Yuck, he looks like he has a mangina! Bring back the bush!!

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