23 Comments on "OMG he’s naked: NCAA Quarterback"

  1. Wow

  2. Always wondered what was under a good quarterback’s gear. Riley, was given some amazing “gifts”. I’m glad he decided to show it to the world! Wish more athletes would do this, it’s nothing dirty – it’s beautiful! Everybody who loves Riley’s pic should send him a buck or two to show his appreciation. 😉 Baitbus below: Would be much more enjoyable without the creepy cackles and lame comments from the cameraman. Meh. “That make me sad in pants.”

  3. Riley skinner is fuckin’ adorable, and even more so in person. He’s never done me, but I’ve seen him lots of times at parties drop trou–he seems to enjoy the attention that his big dick gets him. I know two girls that he’s done over and over (hecalls them, they admit that they drop whateva they’re doing and go ova there and suck, fuck, whateva he wants at the time) and they both say it’s the best dick they’ve eva seen or had! that’s what jocks are 4–fuckin’ and lookin’at and plain ole jockworshippin!

  4. too hot!!!!

  5. What a hot jock stud. Wish I could deep throat him every time he throws a pass.

  6. Wow. Not only is he hot, but he is awfully manscaped for a straight boy.

  7. Very nice!! Now the question is who took this or did he use an timer. And who was it for.. an guy or girl? I bet the guy is getting an serious teasing by his teammates.

  8. i want 2 ryd him all night

  9. ummmmm yeahhh, that’s so good!!

  10. woah
    love to suck that all night long, lol
    wanna work that man snake 4eva
    omg bbz
    phoebe muckian iz my life

  11. ooh nice pp.
    i wanna deep throat him all night long!!

  12. looks like he’s got his tied behind his back. football initiation?

  13. How considerate, he trimmed down to a little patch.

  14. Thanks. About time someone found the version of this pic without the green snake pasted over it. He’s bigger than the snake made me think too; it barely covers his snake. Oh, and DAMN he’s fine!
    For people doubting the photo is real, there are tons of stories covering the stink being raised about a real nude photo of him ending up online. Still not sure why its an issue; it didn’t fall out of his pants at the superbowl or anything.

  15. Um…who took that pic?

  16. I wanna suck him all night long.

  17. Hells yeah!

  18. I think it’s a fake…if it’s not, then he’s got a VERY impressive cock…woof!

  19. Alan down in Florida | February 4, 2008 at 1:20 pm | Reply

    If I looked like that I’d be naked all the time (except for Saturday afternoons in the fall)

  20. So timely with the Super Bowl and all.

  21. Niiiiiice!

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