!! OMG I think I’m in love !!

The Brooklyn based group MGMT has released a sexy neo-hippie/nu-rave/nuevo-Jodorowsky video for their single “Time to Pretend.”
The have-it-all band (youth, looks, talent, and now money) make no bones about wanting fame drugs and models for wives. But don’t let that fool you…remember the title of the song is “Time To Pretend”.
Watch the high resolution Quicktime by CLICKING HERE or see the lower quality video embedded in THEIR MYSPACE PAGE.

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8 Comments on "OMG I think I’m in love"

  1. Whatever happened to that free porn?

  2. Gee wiz, where do I even start? GREAT video, REALLY GOOD song and a gorgeous lead singer/drummer who, honestly, looks EXACTLY like our own OMG Frank, but with long Hair. I say this band is awesome on all accounts!

  3. The lead singer is gorgeous!
    I have a special place for musicians anyway.

  4. Not only is that guy gorgeous, but the song is great. They have a hit.
    I am in love too.

  5. not to be a bitch, but you should definitely go fuck yourself matt. this song is the shit, and if you had any taste in music, you’d at least respect this art for what it’s worth, which is probably a whole lot more than whatever you listen to.
    hopefully next time you take the time to comment, you wont have sand in your ass.
    omg blog is good, even whenever there are guest bloggers! so all you haters, stfu please. haha

  6. Offhand, I can’t recall any music video as gay as that one.

  7. I like the song and thought the video was pretty weird but fun~
    That’s what you get for not posting naked celebrities, though. Tears~

  8. not to be a bitch…but your hipster shit needs to go. if i wanted to be bored with horrible art id hit up your blog. seriously..its great you like trust fund babies but this aint really what ive come to expect from this place…

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