!! OMG, he’s naked: Patrick Wilson !!

After narrowly escaping castration in his last film Hard Candy, actor Patrick Wilson is back in the currently running Little Children, and appears to be using his testicles with wild abandon, specifically on Kate Winslet‘s character. See some stills of the scenes in question after the jump, and stare in wonder at the beauty of Patrick’s large buttcheeks [NSFW].

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19 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Patrick Wilson"

  1. 10/10 would let him rape me!

  2. He is so hot I want to kid his neck all the way down yo his penis then suck on his nipples and then suck his cock and get fucked in the ass by him finally taste his sticky sweet cum yumm oh how I wish !

  3. Patrick is one of the hottest celebs. around. I would love to lick his hairy chest and pits. Then devour his sexxy ass. MMMM Finally take his cock in my mouth and suck him until he shoots his load in my mouth.

  4. those BUG buttocks are gorgeous!!!I would like to see him frontal! Complete scenery!

  5. He is hot like mamma and i want a bite out of him

  6. He is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to lick every inch of him front and back! Yummy!

  7. I saw him in Oklahoma on Broadway and they forced the poor guy to take his shirt off in a patently gratuitous bit of partial nudity… and I WAS SOOOOOOOOO GRATEFUL!!! It also made me bitterly sorry I missed him in The Full Monty on Bdwy.

  8. I think this man is absolutely GORGEOUS! his entire torso throbs with the beauty of masculinity! and his smile…. geeez, when I saw the movie and saw his smile, I’d melt and scream pathetic little squeels of delight. hehe

  9. I remember patrick mostly from the HBO miniseries “Angels in America” He was the closeted republican em lawyer was it? lol my favorite scene is when he got with the gay guy and the gay guy stuck his hand down patricks pants and took it back out and sniffed…how erotic!!! im sure it would smell soooo good! 🙂

  10. let’s just say that the front is better than the back. i got to “see” and meet patrick after his broadway stint in The Full Monty. And from row 7, the full monty is truly that.

  11. I would take a bit otta that ass and hit it.

  12. And bonus … besides the laundry room scene being very hot, it’s an excellent film. Kate W. is nomination worthy.

  13. I like big butts and I cannot lie…

    • Wesley snipes appears to have a inch or so semi, but normal adult black male size
      Have maximum respect for the “minimum member”

  14. Happy Endings

    • Remember our post on WGAY-TV’s disheartened former employee? Remember our tipster, Addison. Well, his full name is Addison Phillips and – surprise! – he has a blog, too. [Addison Phillips] • If there’s one thing Patrick Wilson loves, it’s…

  15. Patrick Wilson also dropped trou in “Angels In America.” There was a scene on the beach with him standing there starkers. Too bad the full length shot was from behind, but you still got a good view of his butt.

  16. where are naked shots, and ass shot is not being naked…

  17. Wow! I’m torn between the excitement of seeing a semi-cute guy naked and thinking his butt cheeks ARE a bit too big for my taste.

  18. Sexy he’s not THAT hot

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