!! OMG, he’s naked: Rupert Graves !!

Back in 1987, British actor Rupert Graves played the lead in Maurice, a Merchant Ivory film about a gay romance in Edwardian England. I haven’t seen it, but I can already tell you my favorite scene is after the jump [NSFW].

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14 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Rupert Graves"

  1. Yes, Hugh Grant is in this film, but that’s James Wilby in the title role and in the bed. Rupert plays the crucial but secondary role of Scudder. I’m old, too, and I remember when the movie was released, it was a major cultural moment in gay life in New York. We’ve come a long way — but Rupert is still hot.

  2. That’s not Hugh Grant… although he IS in the film.

  3. Has nobody noticed that the other nude guy in the pics. is HUGH GRANT?? Rather more famous than Rupert Graves.

  4. I second the recommendation for Different For Girls – not only for the full frontal, but because it was a really enjoyable movie. From the looks of things, he spent the nine years between Maurice and D.F.G. attached to a penis pump because he was pretty damn impressive in this!

  5. The book “Maurice” that is the basis for the movie is very good as well…..

  6. “Maurice” was one of the greatest gay -themed movie ever made! But I’m a sucker for those romantic Merchant-Ivory flicks… Rent it though, Frank, and see for yourself.
    As for Mr. Graves, he also had a supporting role in another Merchant-Ivory movie, “A Room With A View” (starring Helena Bonham-Carter who’s currently in the new Harry Potter movie), which he ran naked around a pond. I don’t remember if I saw the twig, but I definitely saw the bush… 😉
    GAWD I’m old.

  7. he’s hot & he’s fucking other men this is what we like to see.well done, let’s see more of this sort of thing.a bit more cock in the future please.

  8. Maurice is a good gay film. If you have the chance you should see it. It’s a period piece, so it should have held up well enough. Unlike My Beautiful Launderette which I LOVE, but it’s showing its age.

  9. Nice, but you can see a better shot of his manhood in the movie “Different for Girls”. There’s a full 5-10 seconds close-up of his large, uncut penis.

  10. Rupert seems to enjoy flashing his willy (and I have no qualms with that) … he also showed it in the 1996 film Different for Girls. He’s a cutie for sure!

  11. You haven’t seen this movie? It’s a really good flick, as least for Hugh Grant when he was still young and sexy and was making out with that guy on the bed!

  12. It’s not a bad movie – in fact, given the quality of most gay-themed films of its era, it’s a great movie. But actually the lead is played by blond James Wilby. Rupert G. plays his lover, a low-born gameskeeper.


  14. It’s a shame you haven’t seen it! It’s a great movie.

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