!! OMG, he’s naked: Tony Ward !!

Tony Ward by Rick Castro
Portrait by Rick Castro

Probably best known for being Madonna’s ex-boyfriend, dancer/model Tony Ward has done more than one nude photoshoot in his life. You’ve probably already seen the photos and are wondering what more of Mr. Ward could I possibly show you?

After the jump, download some very NSFW footage of Tony Ward pleasuring himself in the bathtub in the film Sex Life in L.A.

Click to enlarge!

(via Male Celebs Forum)
And just for fun, some old photos:

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11 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Tony Ward"

  1. that great cowboy pose and the dick blooming out of that luscious bush….the face, the abs, the dick…and just a hint of the hole. WHATTA HUNK.

  2. baby i’ll toss you off in the bath any day. just let me know when.

  3. i’ll fuck him.

  4. can u upload the video again plz?

  5. can you upload the videos on other sites? thanks;)

  6. pencil down a mineshaft! lol.
    big dicks are nice to look at but when the size is just right, its more fun to play with. I’d do him in a heartbeat.

  7. That mustache is making him look like Salvador Dali…

  8. He looks too innadequate to have dated Madonna. Like throwing a pencil down a mineshaft

  9. !!OMG!! Thank you so much Frank! I love you for digging this up!

  10. not bad. he seems to be about 6 inches and circumcised… perfectly average. not a bad vid, overall.

  11. Oh he is so beautiful,,,

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