!! OMG, he’s pleasuring himself: Matthew Leitch !!

Matthew Leitch, most notably of HBO’s Band of Brothers, is kind of hot, in that dumb way. No, no, I like a dumb way! It’s one of my favorite ways for people to be hot. So I was very happy to discover that in addition to the acclaimed miniseries, Mr. Leitch also appeared in a somewhat less-acclaimed film called Sabor Tropical, in which he, uh, masturbates and cries and then is sucked off by a burly. tattooed visitor after getting a sensual butt massage.
It’s all a little creepy, but come on, he’s erect, so you won’t find me complaining. The videos are after the jump, and are extremely NSFW!
(Thanks to readers Matthew M. and John B. for sending this our way.)

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16 Comments on "OMG, he’s pleasuring himself: Matthew Leitch"

  1. there was a scene where he gets his butt massaged by a guy and then that guys gives him a blowjob

  2. He’s hot! Nice cute dick, part at the end is a little weird but hey I wouldn’t turn him down.

  3. Very hot! Cute but and what a nice perfect cock! I want him now! lol

  4. Wow–all the way. And that is a gorgeous normal-sized dick when fully erect.

  5. Cute little uncut cock!

  6. Agreed – Very hot!!

  7. wow……..hot

  8. I’ve heard of Catholic guilt…but who knew they actually cried after doing that? LOL

  9. how very chatrouletty.

  10. what a TINT ASS DICK!!

  11. wtf did i just watch lol

  12. This guy is obviously on some kind of narcotic.

  13. too funny! that teddy bear suffocating in the background was like, “get a grip bitch and show me your hole!”

  14. Will receive an Oscar for animated ‘short’

  15. Glad you figured out what the hell this was… I thought it was either a drug induced hysterical moment or some cheesy performance art project.
    Now I know to just not to rent Sabor Tropical.

  16. That’s not that creepy. I’ve cried after jerking off with Tiger Balm :p

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