!! OMG, Cat meets iPad !!

Featuring both a cat and an iPad. I predict this video will be a hit.
[Via Boing Boing]

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5 Comments on "OMG, Cat meets iPad"

  1. I’d worry about his claws on the screen, but cute.

  2. lol at the guy who’s cat puked. IDK cats got motion sick like that. poor thing.
    I’m wincing at the idea of cat claws on such an expensive device, but Jobs claims it’s rock hard like diamond. w/e.
    Someone should send this to him.

  3. my cute puked on mine when I tried this little game.

  4. So cute! After my son was born I had to give up my very vocal and high maintenance cat “Skipper” for adoption. By any chance did you adopt this cat recently in the Dallas area? Skipper was much fatter (unhealthily fat) but his markings and coloring were almost identical. I miss him.


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