!! OMG, he’s shirtless: Christopher Gorham !!

This is the very cute Christopher Gorham. Don’t recognize him? Try this:
That’s right, Henry from Ugly Betty. But he wasn’t always Henry. He used to be Jake. Jake 2.0 to be precise, which was some show that involved Mr. Gorham taking his shirt off and freaking out with electrodes stuck all over his back. He has a pretty nice body for a nerd. See it after the jump.

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8 Comments on "OMG, he’s shirtless: Christopher Gorham"

  1. If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t he also the main (-ish) character from that short-lived CBS comedy with Stockard Channing and Henry Winkler? (what was the name…Out of Practice or something?)
    I thought he as cute then. I’m glad to see he’s still working. I had missed him.

  2. I loved Jake 2.0, I was really upset when it got cancelled. He and Vanessa Williams are the reason I started watching Ugly Betty.

  3. Aaa. I could take it or leave it. He’d be in the 3rd or 4th choice category in MY black book.

  4. He was also Harrison on the hilarious teen show “Popular”. He’s always been a cutie.

  5. Oh my god I love Christopher Gorham!!!
    I looooove him!!
    He’s soooo adorable!
    He needs to be mine!

  6. he is so cute. i actually like the nerdy henry better than the post-human jake 2.0

  7. I like Henry but he looks vaguely Ashton Kutcherian in those shirtless pics.

  8. didn’t i hear somewhere that he was a TOTAL lady? and also that he was dating someone more high profile. (hayden c, maybe? i can’t remember.)

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