!! OMG, he’s shirtless: Hayden Christensen !!

The emphatically not-gay Hayden Christensen is a notorious prude when it comes to on-screen nudity. That’s why the caps I have for you after the jump from his upcoming movie Chasing Temptation are only shirtless ones, and thus totally safe for work. Enjoy!

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12 Comments on "OMG, he’s shirtless: Hayden Christensen"

  1. He is smoking hawt! Mhmmm I would so tap that(:

  2. omg can you get me some nude pix PLEASE!!!

  3. pls leh… post it leh..

  4. can post his shirtless scene or his jerking scene

  5. are you kidding? have you seen star wars episode 3 where he’s shirtless? or “life as a house” where he’s in a shower scene naked and jerking off? come on now.

  6. no es gaayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    es el chabonn mass fuertee qe existee en todo el putoo planetaa
    lo amo con todaa mi almaaa
    y no es gaayy!!

  7. OMG Hayden is like the most sexiest guy ever. He looks sooooo hot shirtless. Hayden worked really hard in starwars. He is the most sexiest hottest guy in this world. I love Hayden Christensen sooooooo much.

  8. HeY WOW, he’s sizzlin ma nizzilin
    those people that work wid him are so
    lucky, I wish i could model wid a
    hottie like him!

  9. OMG these boys are so cute. A sweaty and nasty.
    Love em
    San Jose

  10. hayden without his shirt is so HOT! I mean he work so hard in Star Wars and hardly show off his bod. he could show adleast his chest. I mean thats no big deal.

  11. hm, the rumours were that he was full-frontal, but this film has been in post-production HELL. i mean seriously, how many titles is that now?

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