!! OMG, he’s soon to be naked: Michael Fassbender !!

The best headline in the history of headlines comes courtesy of indieWIRE: “Michael Fassbender‘s Penis Will Get Released On December 2nd (In ‘Shame’)” — and it’s true! The actor stars in Steve McQueen’s “Shame,” a drama that includes loads of peen and graphic sex. Of course, one such film only plays in arthouses, so the movie will receive a limited release later this year. (Hopefully somewhere near you.)

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11 Comments on "OMG, he’s soon to be naked: Michael Fassbender"

  1. @bryan – what do you mean “what’s he ever done for the lgbt community?” He’s an actor, a busy guy – does he need to do things for the gay community??? Can’t we appreciate people who just live their lives without having to do things for gays. Get over yourself! Another queen with two chips on their shoulders who think the world owes them something!

  2. Got to see “Shame” and Fassbender last night at the NY Film Festival. He is uncut and his size, which is on display early on in, is very, very impressive. While there is some good scenes and acting, I didn’t care for the movie overall.

  3. Who CARES whether a penis is cut or uncut? How infantilized is this culture??? Grow up.

  4. @chuck, I’m not familiar with Fassbender’s career, but what has he ever done for the LGBT community?

  5. for someone whose screen name is “deeperstill,” you’re pretty damned shallow.

  6. Guys who wail on circumcised/uncircumcised penises can all go fuck themselves. How fucking shallow are you all? Good to know people in this world have their priorities in order. Fucking shit. My biggest argument that being gay is not a choice is that being gay means I have to be part of a “community” with some of the yahoos who leave comments on this website.
    Anyway, go Michael! I appreciate any actor who brings visibility to LGBT folks to the screen. I just wish businesses that screened films were more willing to bring stuff like this in.

  7. @Cemil, then don’t look at it and shut up!

  8. I hope he’s not circumcised (EEWW), because that would just freak me out, can’t even look at one without puking…

  9. he’s probably uncircumcised (EEWW) so not interested in seeing his penis.

  10. Mmmmm…. can’t wait!
    And I’ve read the movie is pretty good too.

  11. Johnathan Markham | October 5, 2011 at 10:57 am | Reply

    He already showed peen in the movie “Hunger”

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