!! OMG, high heavens: Germany intercepts cocaine-filled condoms sent to Vatican !!

German newspaper Bild am Sonntag has reported that German customs officials intercepted a package addressed to the Vatican which was packed with 14 condoms FULL of cocaine. Someone’s got some explaining to do!
The drug, which was in liquid form and hidden inside the condoms, amounted to 340 grams and was valued at €40,000. The package was sent from South America and addressed to the Vatican’s post office, which would suggest that any one of the 800 residents at the Vatican could be its proud owner. According to PulseRadio:

The paper also stated that authorities handed the package to a police officer at the Vatican in the hopes of laying a trap for whomever might claim it, though no one did, leading German investigators to believe the recipient may have been tipped off, the newspaper said. The package had remained at the Vatican since January.

I mean, this sounds like a very exspensive prank to us. Yes, they knew that the condoms would get flagged because the staff at the Vatican have been trained to hate condoms for years — but everyone is going to assume that the package belongs to ex-nightclub bouncer Pope Francis, who is obviously is sending orders to his friends down in Buenos Aires! DUH!
[via pulseradio]

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  1. Haha… I bet they feel embarrassed now. 🙂

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