!! OMG, highlight of my year: Tina Turner !!

Tina Turner is 69 years old and her concert ties with Hercules and Love Affair as my favorite show of 2008.
She’s still got her voice, her body, her moves (watch “Proud Mary” above if you don’t believe me), and can still walk in sky-high Louboutin heels. I found myself uncontrollably smiling throughout the performance until the very last song, which ended the show on a perfectly melancholy note. Her energy and emotion on-stage are legendary and I’m so happy I got to see her.
Watch Tina perform her final encore, “Be Tender With Me, Baby”:

See more concert highlights after the jump!

Tina opened the show with “Steamy Windows,” descending onto the stage in a beam of light:

For “We Don’t Need Another Hero,” Tina donned the best stage costume I’ve ever seen, and made use of a humongous man in a loincloth who didn’t appear for the rest of the show:

“Acid Queen”:

Finally, Tina performed a death defying run down a catwalk for Nutbush City Limits, complete with flying chariot that swung out over the audience:

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  1. Thanks for posting these wonderful videos of what I’m sure would have been the highlight of my year too. One of the highlights of my own 40+ years of concert-going was seeing Tina Turner in the summer of 1983, at Pier 84 in NYC. This was a year before she broke into superstardom with the “Private Dancer” album — her last year of playing relatively small venues. She did a cover of David Bowie’s “Cat People,” and when she sang the line “puttin’ out the fire…. with GASOLINE!”, you could feel the entire audience ignite.

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