!! OMG, Hirarius Cookie Remix !!

Kathreya from UK’s Big Brother 9 has a penchant for cookies and a kindergartener’s outlook on life. Above is a remix of some of her most musical moments. See the original amazing videos of Kathreya being Kathreya after the jump.
Thanks to Dan for the tip.

My friend’s mom was once phoned as a reference for an obese employee of hers. She gave a glowing review of the employee. Then my friend’s mom was asked if the employee had any weaknesses and she responded “Well, she has a weakness for cookies!”

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3 Comments on "OMG, Hirarius Cookie Remix"

  1. We do call them ‘biscuits’, but she is a young lady from Thailand, currently living in Britain – no doubt she learned some of her English-language idioms from you colonists (that’s just a joke, btw, to mark July 4th) 😉

  2. Shes nuts!

  3. …don’t they call them biscuits in England?

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