8 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Steven Strait"

  1. What is the episode called?

  2. Steven Strait has a nice butt just like Christian Cooke!

  3. Correction to the correction. I realized we had already posted the ‘Trinity’ photos here:
    So now this post is just about the hotness of Steven Strait. The end. xo F

  4. Thanks for the corrections, guys! We’ve added in the images of Christian from Trinityn and left the one of Steven Strait. xo Frank

  5. So where is Christian’s butt? There was a very slight side glance of it, but the butt in these pics are of Steven Strait’s butt while doing the mobster’s wife while the mobster watched from above. Very nice, but not Christian.

  6. I love Christian Cooke, I remember first seeing him nude in Trinity! He has a great body from head to toe!! Hot!

  7. The butt having sex does not belong to Christian. It belongs to the actor who plays his brother, Steven Strait.

  8. The last 3 pictures are not Christian Cooke. They are Steven Strait who plays the character “Stevie” on Magic City.

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