!! OMG, his butt: German actor Kai Noll in ‘Unter Uns’ !!

German actor Kai Noll takes it off in Unter Uns, and you gotta admit — it’s not bad for 50! Check him out after the NSFW jump!

[via justadream.org]

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4 Comments on "OMG, his butt: German actor Kai Noll in ‘Unter Uns’"

  1. Now that’s a fine looking man.

  2. That is not a nice ass at all guys……LOL

  3. Is 50 ancient or something? I’m 45 and my ass outshines plenty of 20-somethings and is one of the reasons they keep coming back for more.
    Remember, one day you will be that age.

  4. That’s damn near a perfect ass!

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