!! OMG, his butt: James Franco !!


El Franco de James covers the latest issue of Flaunt Magazine — only his face ain’t on it. Instead the actor-artist-writer-teacher-smartie turned around, dropped his pantaloons, and posed for the camera butt-first. Ooooooh, yes he did. See James’ cover-worthy booty after the jump. And, duh, it’s NSFW.
(via Dlisted)


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12 Comments on "OMG, his butt: James Franco"

  1. It’s not his tattoo, it’s the name of the magazine.

  2. that’s not a tramp stamp that’s what the magazine is called…

  3. That’s not a tramp stamp… it’s the name of the magazine.
    Very hot ass though.

  4. thats the name of the magazine not a tramp stamp

  5. Flaunt is the name of the Magazine. It is a fake tramp stamp.

  6. 1- How are we supposed to believe it’s him?
    2- “Flaunt” is the name of the magazine…

  7. Looks like a nice bum. I can’t tell if that’s just a low resolution image or if it’s a furry ass. Either way, bet it’s a fun one.

  8. Since it’s “Flaunt” magazine, I’m assuming the tattoo is photoshopped.

  9. Daniel, I know it looks like James has a tramp stamp but if you read the description you will see the magazine he did the shoot for is called Flaunt. Therefore, it’s safe to assume the alleged tramp stamp is in fact the title of the magazine and not James’ own body art.
    Anyway, why did you figure/assume he’d have a tramp stamp?

  10. Um, you get that it’s not a real tattoo, right? that it’s there for his appearance on the magazine cover? The magazine called FLAUNT?

  11. It figures he’d have a tramp stamp.

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