!! OMG, his butt: Jesse McCartney !!

Photos have surfaced of pop sensation Jesse McCartney getting his pants pulled down at what looks like a night-time beach party. See the NSFW photo after the jump!

Click to enlarge.
I know, it could be more, but this is the most Jesse has shown us to date. (Thanks to CB for the photos!)

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17 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Jesse McCartney"

  1. I would love to see more of jesse if you can find more thanks for the great pic

  2. je c’est bie que tu repondra pas mais sa vos le coup d’essaye
    c’est claire que je voudrai bien te rencontre comment toutes tes fan
    je voudrai bien que tu vienne en france !!
    kiss a +

  3. Guys!…er..gays! Jesse co-wrote Bleeding Love with One Republic’s Ryan. I hope that solves the mystery. FYI, Jesse also has his own version of Bleeding Love…gorgeous and talented boy!

  4. yo Vin i normally don’t call people names in here but i am going to make an exception for you because you are a dumbass. Jesse wrote keep bleeding love with some other guy that i did not think it was relevent to remember his name. you look it up and do some research i have about 50 sights that give Jesse and the other guy credit for writing Bleeding Love. i would give you a couple of them but feel you need to look them up yourself as a learning lesson.

  5. FYI: jesse did not write bleeding love! ryan tedder (onerepublic frontman) was the one who wrote it! do some research!

  6. Re: Irish Curse, (neither is true in my case!) if you want to see the real double curse check out Asians and native Americans!

  7. How flat
    P.s. I heard jesse metcalf had nude pics can u find them

  8. Well atleast it’s not pimple infested like most of the commenters here im sure, he has a great ass.

  9. Just FYI, Jesse’s great! He wrote Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love” and for that he should be forever revered.
    “I keep bleedin’, keep keep bleedin’ love!”

  10. A horse with no ass.

  11. Jesse WHO? This is the first thing I’ve heard about this aging teen idol in years.

  12. John… I have laughed MY a** off after reading your comment regarding the OTHER “Irish curse”. So clever and funny!

  13. Another reason for the baggy pants/no belt trend to DIE!

  14. The other “Irish Curse” – flat ass

  15. Low Fat Pancakes!

  16. Wow.. where is the ass? Its all crack! CRACK IS WACK!

  17. Im not sure Id consider that flat thing a butt…

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