!! OMG, his butt: Kate Hudson’s brother/Goldie Hawn’s son and ‘Nashville’ star Oliver Hudson !!

You may remember Oliver Hudson from the early 2000’s when he aappeared on Dawson’s Creek or most recently on the show Nashville. he’s also a brother to Kate Hudson and son to Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson.
This week, he posted one of those nude naked selfies to Instagram which are becoming so popular these days, and you can check out after the NSFW jump!


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11 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Kate Hudson’s brother/Goldie Hawn’s son and ‘Nashville’ star Oliver Hudson"

  1. Not that any thing’s wrong with it, but is he gay?

  2. He looks in damn good shape for 39! I loved him as ‘Adam’ in Rules of Engagement (ROE)! The entire troupe was super talented! ROE was a great show! But, despite solid ratings, critics regularly snubbed it, preferring shows like Community, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and any show called a “cult hit”. I’m taking a stand against cult…shows.

    When CBS killed off ROE, I was glad to see Oliver get work (Nashville, now Scream Queens, and so on.)

    Critics also hated other shows I watched, like ‘Yes, Dear’ and ‘Still Standing’; just pleasant, amusing shows to put one’s brain in Neutral for a half-hour and chill.

    But, heck, critics are still ambivalent about my favorite sitcom, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (TBBT). TBBT is clever, makes me laugh, and can pull 20 million viewers an episode.

    I went looking for a common link between ROE and TBBT and found several, including a couple of producers, directors, writers, and behind the scenes guys who have worked on both shows, including big names like director Andy Ackerman and, especially, producer Steve Holland.

  3. That is one great ass.

  4. Nice face, nice body, nice butt. He looks good.

  5. What am I missing? That’s a pretty nice butt, the tan lines are just weird. What exactly is gross here?

  6. That is fucking sexy. I love it.

  7. Remember, Hollywood is all about camera angle, lighting, make up. They are given lines, which are written by good scriptwriters. We might all be surprised at how unattractive our favorite stars are in person–be it the body or the personality.


  9. What a bummer- I thought it would be better.

  10. That is so sexy……I want to clone and marry him

  11. that’s just gross.

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