!! OMG, His Butt: Thintervention‘s Craig Ramsay !!

Thintervention is a Bravo reality show in which psychotic/sapphic personal trainer and Jackie Warner yells at the obese until they cry their pounds off in the form of high-cal fatty-tears. That’s basically all you need to know about it except for the fact that the lesbionic Ms. Warner has an assistant named Craig Ramsay who recently flashed his highly thinspirational bottom to the jealous porkers on the show. See it after the jump! NSFW! Thanks to Shawn G for the caps!

Now excuse me while I go purge dinner!

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7 Comments on "OMG, His Butt: Thintervention‘s Craig Ramsay"

  1. What the fuck?! Why are u guys “gushing” over some random guys ass?! No offense.

  2. he used to be a trainer at my gym when he was in NY. I’m pretty sure he’s gay. And I know he was dizzyingly hot then. Unless there was special butt-padding in the shorts he wore last year, I doubt those stills do his behind justice.

  3. What Shannon said. NOT a hot ass.

  4. To be “muscular” his ass is FLAT and WIDE as hell!!

  5. Pierce, I think the background refers to Gayface, not Gayfest.

  6. If you google him, all of the pictures of him with someone are with men and the background often refers to Gayfest in NYC. Hmmm. Is he gay?

  7. Im surprised that you didnt make a post on David Beckam changing in the middle of a game flashing everyone his side-bulge ad his briefs. TMZ has a story on it if you want to see it 🙂

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