!! OMG, hot since three days ago: Hot Since 82 !!

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Sexily soaking wet Leeds, UK DJ/producer Hot Since 82 (a.k.a. Daley Padley) came to our attention after his Essential Mix aired on Radio BBC 1 last week (or more specifically, after he posted it on Soundcloud as a free download the day after it aired on the radio).
According to BBC DJ Pete Tong, Hot Since 82 is “literally hot” but rugged good looks aside we are inextricably drawn to the dancefloor in our minds every time his remix of Green Velvet‘s spoken-word summer banger “Bigger Than Prince” shuffles into our headphones. It’s, like, literally bangin’. (And you can pull-quote us on that.)
Due out sometime in the near future on Circus Recordings, the limited edition green vinyl single is available to pre-order now. To wit:

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