!! OMG, hot: Sport Fashion at V&A !!

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London opened their show FASHION VS SPORT last night. The exhibition showcases the evolution of athletic coutoure.
Above is gay athlete Michael Phelps on the left and on the right is a picture from the lineup at my boyfriend auditions.
The show is on until the 4th of January, 2009.
EDIT: I’ve been told Phelps ain’t gay. I thought he was. Wasn’t there an Olympic swimmer who came out recently?

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6 Comments on "OMG, hot: Sport Fashion at V&A"

  1. Was in London over the weekend and caught this at the V&A on Saturday. It’s quite a small exhibit, but a very fun one.

  2. You are way off. Michael Phelps is NOT gay. Better make a correction before you get sued for slander.

  3. There’s a lovely picture of Mr Phelps in my local paper today, wearing that suit, and you can clearly see the outline of his cock.

  4. I believe you may actually be refering to Matthew Mitcham from Australia who is actually a diver.

  5. I think you’re thinking of Greg Louganis.

  6. Pretty sure that Michael Phelps is not gay. Or if he is he hasn’t come out yet. I think you have him confused with that other swimmer who came out that has a similar name.

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