!! OMG, how accurate: Futuristic fashion predictions !!

According to these 1930s predictions, in the year 2000 women will no longer wear skirts, they will wear electric headlamps to “find an honest man,” and brides will wear wedding gowns of glass. If only things were that exciting. Think of what Celine Dion would have worn for her wedding! (via Laura Minquini)

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8 Comments on "OMG, how accurate: Futuristic fashion predictions"

  1. Is ‘candies for cuties’ slang for Rohypnol..?
    Because the guy modelling it looked like he was about to slip something into the drink of a poor unsuspecting clubber…

  2. If only I could remember which pocket I keep my candies for cuties in…

  3. “He’ll be fitted with a telephone, a radio and containers for coins, keys and candy for cuties!”
    I’d say that’s pretty accurate!

  4. argh I was going to say that!

  5. Ooh,swish!

  6. I specially like that bathroom attendant from the future, with his change belt and humongous cell.
    The lightbulb on the head was just stupid.

  7. swish! love it.

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