!! OMG, how annoying: Nocturnal Kitty !!

Awwwww! This widdew baby just wants some affection…
Or maybe he’s afraid that if his owner goes to sleep he won’t wake up. In any case, I’d rather wake up to this than to the sound of a dog licking it’s swimsuit area non-stop. Ugh, so gross.
Thanks to Minh for the tip.

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5 Comments on "OMG, how annoying: Nocturnal Kitty"

  1. What a restless cat.

  2. This is why the next time my pets stay in their own bed. As much as I love them, my sleep is just as important. Not to mention I really just don’t want to masturbate with them in my bed. Dogs may be better than boyfriends, but that’s where I draw the line…

  3. Yea, I tried the kitty in bed trick, gave up, the 5 am lamp on the floor trick was just too much to deal with, could handle the washed forehead,not the wake up.Door closed!

  4. That is pretty atypical for a calico to be so affectionate – probably hasn’t been spayed yet.

  5. I would get so annoyed if that was my pet. When my dog crawls up to sleep next to me in bed he doesn’t move until the next morning. If I get up or move at all he makes the most annoyed sounding grunt.

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