!! OMG, how boundary-pushing: Soap operas !!

Quick, turn on the television! As the World Turns is debuting daytime television’s first on-screen teenage gay kiss TODAY! OMG! (via ONTD)

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7 Comments on "OMG, how boundary-pushing: Soap operas"

  1. thank you Luke, Degrassi was the first t.v. show pretty much ever to same sex relationships (friends/family or dating) and a kiss.

  2. Gawd, poor Luke. It took long enough. The char’s been gay for over a year now, and they kept toying with the idea of him actually having a bf, then pulling back at the last minute.
    Of course, I can’t say anything, as I was 25, lol)

  3. Degrassi-Marco and Dylan is where you might have heard that from.

  4. I’d kiss either of them and they wouldn’t even have to pay me for it… 🙂 I’m sure the actors aren’t as young as the roles they play (I’ll just keep telling myself I’m not a perv).

  5. It isn’t BOUNDARY PUSHING. The boundary is just in the wrong place and shouldn’t be where it is in the first place. IT’S BOUNDARY CORRECTING if anything.

  6. Oh my God I just saw it! (PST) I friggen melted and I’ve been waiting most of the week to see that. The weird thing is, is that I’m not a soap opera junkie by any means and I’m seen my fair share of man on man liplocking, yet this story is addicting!

  7. Hmmmmm…
    Seem to think this is not the first teenage same sex kiss on daytime tv.
    Neighbours (Aussie TV Soap) had a lesbian kiss on ages ago.
    Might be the first Male one though but I swear I have heard of another gay one.

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