!! OMG, this beat is burping: Wolfram releases single featuring Andy Butler !!

Austrian producer and noted Haddaway fanatic Wolfram has recruited Hercules and Love Affair’s Andy Butler for a new DFA Records single.
The pair previously collaborated on the single “Fireworks” off Wolfram’s eponymous 2011 full-length. However, “Can’t Remember” and gassy b-side “Talking To You” go in a decidedly darker direction than the album. It also features 100% more burping. Wolfram explains:

“I started to record the track ‘Can’t Remember’ when I was in Africa and some riots happened in Egypt in 2013. It was a weird time so it turned out to be a dark tune with some wannabe robotic vocals. I recorded the vocals for the track ‘Talking To You’ when I was on tour with Andy Butler in the hotel room on my Macbook Air. Basically, it’s him saying ‘this beat is talking to you’ and I recorded some burp sounds on the flight and train home. I invited him to my home studio to change the demo vocals, but he fell asleep on the chair next to me. So, I thought maybe I should just the use the demo Macbook vocals.”

Hmmm… perhaps the next single will feature 100% more snoring?
Wolfram’s “Can’t Remember”/”Talking To You” single is out now. Buy it here and his DFA T-shirt here.

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