!! OMG, how Canadian: The Apology Act !!

It used to be that, in Ontario, if you apologized to someone after an accident or some sort of wrongdoing (corporate or personal) that it was an admission of guilt and it could be used against you in court. The Apology Act, which was brought forth for consideration on Tuesday, would protect those who said they were sorry to someone who had been wronged. Damn I’m so bored of this country.
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7 Comments on "OMG, how Canadian: The Apology Act"

  1. Better to be bored than scared shitless like we are right now in the U.S.

  2. you can leave at any time…

  3. thank god for living in u.s.a

  4. Well, when I first read it, it seemed like a good idea. In the U.S. we have bills on much more frivolous issues making the rounds.

  5. The main point of Apology Acts is to recognize the importance apologies can play in settling legal disputes…primarily in the health care field. Manitoba and B.C. already have this act in effect.

  6. those band members better appologize before they get a noise complaint.

  7. It sounds dumb, but I think it’s mostly meant to prevent frivolous litigation.

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