!! OMG, how comfortable: Toilets !!

This lady in Kansas sat on the toilet for two years and her ass became part of the seat. The crazy part is she was in her boyfriend’s bathroom! He claims they had a “normal relationship,” except everything happened in the bathroom.
I think the most important question in this case is, where did the boyfriend poop? (via WOW Report)

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5 Comments on "OMG, how comfortable: Toilets"

  1. Maybe he pooped at work. Now that you mention that I’m more curious where he peed. People do that much more often, and if there was only one bathroom that would leave him peeing in a sink or such for two years.
    This story could be a textbook case of enablement. Perhaps he wouldn’t have even had to call the authorities. Just, “no honey, I’m not bringing any more food to the toilet for you.” Or if that seems harsh, stop visiting the person in the bathroom, take away tv, magazines, or whatever allowed someone to manage to sit there indefinitely. If her condition was so severe that none of those would have mattered, then I can’t imagine not calling for help right away.
    What a dreadful thing.

  2. No way were there 2 bathrooms in there. It was a trailer home, not a house!

  3. i think the worse part of this all is the fact that she presumably didn’t wipe her ass for the entire two years, since she was fused to the toilet seat.

  4. the body is incredible

  5. Everybody asks that question but, obviously, there must have been two bathrooms in the house. Also, she obviously did not raise her bare ass off the toilet very often because the articles I’ve read on this clearly state that her skin (aka, her bare ass) had become infused with the toilet seat, which had to be removed surgically at the hosptial. So, at any rate, WTFs all around on this one. How did her BF let this go on for 2 full years without calling authorities? The crazy never stops.

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