!! OMG, how controversial: Camille Paglia on Gay Rights !!

The ever-contentious Camille Paglia sat down with Toronto’s Xtra Magazine to talk about being a gay parent and her view on the current gay rights situation in a climate of war. Let the comments begin…
Scooped from Justin.

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8 Comments on "OMG, how controversial: Camille Paglia on Gay Rights"

  1. She can just suck my cock. … Or not.

  2. To continue her ideas in the old fashioned pop culture way, Men are from Mars, Women from Venus—but Paglia is from the gaseous, almost planet, called Pluto.

  3. i couldn’t have said it better myself, Damian.

  4. oh well.. that’s crazy, old, stuck-in-the-60’s camille running at the mouth as always and hawking her old books.
    talk to her for another twenty minutes and she’ll end up contradicting everything she just said. she thinks that every thought that pops into her head are the height of intellectual insight.
    these particular comments are rather odious in their stereotyping and she has been blinded in much of her recent commentary by her obama-love.
    after all these decades of political struggle, gay people’s outrage at being betrayed by a candidate who made huge promises to win their votes and money is not ‘whining’ nor ‘unsophisticated’ and she should know better than to demean the sincere concerns of gay people in this manner. there ARE no ‘more important issues’ than equality under the law as guaranteed by the constitution that the president is sworn to preserve and protect. if we were to wait until all other issues are solved, we would be waiting forever. as usual, camille trivializes anything she isn’t currently passionate about. right now, she is all about how we are supposed to be in awe of a south american pop star.. kind of says it all, doesn’t it?
    all that being said though, i still ‘enjoy’ her rants from time to time.

  5. Damian – no real need for basic civil rights, right? that can wait until convenient for the hetero masses or until hell freezes over, right? Chris M calls this one exactly right.

  6. What she says about Obama is true, give the man a break. I’m a gay man, but there are alot of more pressing issues at stake at the moment – the man is under the pump!
    Our relationships being verified on paper is not life threatening. If we are so desperate for it, then it doesnt say much about our emotional stability. We should be fighting back by showing it doesnt bother us for the moment. Wider community acknolodgement is highly important, I agree, but the more we push for it like this in such a negative attacking way, the more it looks like we want it “just because we can’t have it/for the sake of it” Correct me if I’m wrong…

  7. Omg, she is really full of shit. As if I as a gay man would not be brokenhearted if my partner cheated on me, and had sex with another man.
    As if lesbian relationships are better, come on. Men are more prone to jealousy and there fore it does not makes sense that a man would not care if he was cheated on.
    And as for this Camille Paglia, I would think she cheated her self and that’s why the relationship broke up.

  8. Camille Paglia is about as relevant now as one of Madonna’s old cone bras. She is the lesbian Ann Coulter, saying ridiculous and outrageous things just to get attention and sell books.

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