!! OMG, how convenient: Dog-o-Matic !!

Sick of getting clawed, wet, and stink-eyed when you wash your dog in the tub? Then you might want to invest in a Dog-o-Matic washing machine. It takes an hour to wash your dog in this coin-operated machine. The inventors swear that the machine doesn’t hurt the pup, and that the washing only takes a few minutes. The drying takes the rest of the time while the dog sits and waits.
I’m sure it doesn’t hurt the dog but can you imagine being locked naked in a cage while soapy suds sprayed all over you for an hour? It sounds almost as awful as my after-school job in grade eight. Good money though, good money.
Thanks to TABLOID PRODIGY for the tip.

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  1. Being sprayed with soapy water is one thing, but the dog in that pic is completely submerged! That is horribly cruel and unacceptable.

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