!! OMG, how cool: New Fergie video !!

Fergie? Cool? How is this possible? Her video is a pop-up book, that’s why. Watch and you will see, but press “mute” so the song doesn’t ruin the experience for you.

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5 Comments on "OMG, how cool: New Fergie video"

  1. She is way to ghetto for me… ugg.

  2. love pop-up books.. hate no-talent fergie. there is surely no accounting for taste.. but friggin’ fergie ?? come on. you can plug in any other skanky bimbo and get the same results.

  3. Would you say he’s as famous as…DAVID ALAN GRIER?

  4. inspired by Robert Sabuda?

  5. This video is genius.
    I don’t get why people hate on this song. I’m very selective when it comes to the music that I listen to, yet I can still appreciate the fun production and catchy melodies that are in this video.
    “de gustibus non est disputandum.”
    I think everyone needs to remember that little saying next time he/she hates on some art he/she dislikes.

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