!! OMG, how cute: Shiba Inu LIVE puppy cam !!

This live stream of Shiba Inu puppy cuteness is better than a YouTube video because it NEVER ENDS. (Thanks to Ed for the tip!)

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8 Comments on "OMG, how cute: Shiba Inu LIVE puppy cam"

  1. How cute thy are love watching them

  2. cant see the puppys!!!!!!

  3. jeeze those little mutts arent even their fuck

  4. Why are they even doing this -_-?they`re just puppys!Wats the best thing they can do?Roll over?:(

  5. it could end if all the dogs die and this is sick – the dogs should be out free >:(

  6. oh so sweeet!

  7. As adorable as they are. Their play is quite vicious. The grab on to each as if it’s prey and shake their little heads quite hard. I was waiting for them to tear the limbs of the one in the purple collar. I may have to get one

  8. omg! that is to cute! i actually had this going while i cleaned today, it was soothing to have little puppies noises going on while i went about my day! thanks for finding this! are there more like it?

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