!! OMG, how cute: Teacup chihuahua !!

So tiny, so fragile, so precious. Teacup chihuahuas! (via Feyfriends)

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3 Comments on "OMG, how cute: Teacup chihuahua"

  1. GAH! I can’t decide whether they are creepy or just damn cute!!

  2. OMG this reminded me so closely of the day I brought my lil Rhudi home (1992). He was identical to the tan pup. Unfortunately, he passed away on August 11, 2007 from congestive heart failure. He was the sweetest, loving lil companion any dog lover could have ever wanted. If you are in search of a dog that offers lots of love, laughter, and dedication and not alot of out of pockect expense. This is the way to go.

  3. LOL at the dog, the owner was the only one doing anything! I am afraid to get a teacup. All they do is shake like they have parkinson’s, and if you drop them an inch from the ground they practically die.

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