!! OMG, he’s single: Kyan Douglas !!

Queer Eye hair guru Kyan Douglas (at right) is no longer marrying his marriage-activist boyfriend Greg Durham. While this is sad news for marriage, it’s better news for all the homos who would like to feel Kyan’s fingers running through their hair. (via AfterElton and Queerty)

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10 Comments on "OMG, he’s single: Kyan Douglas"

  1. To Update, I figured my comment would’ve come across as sarcasm. I was making fun of the first comment, it never actually happened, come on people.

  2. I’d take the ex. Kyan is starting to look old and oily. Has he had surgery?

  3. You guys are dorks, I am a go-go dancer at the Pub in NOLA. He was being appropriate for the situation. Though I suppose during Decadence in New Orleans, it was just as appropriate to do that on the street too.

  4. he can run his fingers through any part of me that he wants to. then greg can have a go. greg actually looks a lot like guy pierce from pracilla queen of the desert. they make a lush looking couple, what a shame they have split,well for them it is. not for the rest of us who are on the look out for a new huisband.

    i wouldnt take $100 to let him touch my dick

  6. OMG! I met him in Antarctica and he grabbed my cock! He tipped me $50000000…..jesus people come on

  7. I’d take his ex over him.

  8. LOL
    the first two comments may explain why they’ve broken up
    by the way, how hot is Greg Durham? he looks damn good for 38, i’d sure bang him!

  9. OMG! I met him in Toronto and he grabbed my dick! He tipped me $40, saying something about the exchange rate (You can never expect those pretty boys to be too smart!).
    I wonder why they broke up. I heard it was a fight over who was the prettiest.

  10. OMG! I had no idea Kyan was even paired up. We met in New Orleans, Labor Day weekend. Though I use the word met loosely. Kyan grabbed my c*ck. He did not even ask my name, but he did tip me $20. He was kinda hot actually. I would have done more than let him feel me up. He is shorter than I would have thought, and he had a bit of belly, but cute.

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