!! OMG, how dangerous: Mariah Carey’s dog !!

All looks normal in Mariah Carey-land in this picture as she walks her little dog Jack, but the adorable little guy just gave Mariah a nasty bite before the premiere of her new film Tennessee, as she was seen wearing a Hello Kitty band-aid.
But Mariah’s playing it cool:

“People keep shaking my hand really hard, like ‘hi’ and I’m like ‘get off my freaking dog bite!'” she said to the press. “So anyways, if I’m wearing a band-aid, I thought it might as well be a cute one. Everyone’s making it a whole dramatic moment about the band-aid. Golly. Really! It’s a band-aid.”

(via Socialite’s Life)

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2 Comments on "OMG, how dangerous: Mariah Carey’s dog"

  1. LOL…Have a look at where the guy in the background is focused…Must be hard being a busty babe!

  2. She is looking beautiful! I love her!

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