!! OMG, how dangerous? Nintendo Wii !!

Do Wiis breed murderers? That’s what critics are saying, specifically in regard to Rock Star Games’ controversial-for-its-violence game Manhunt II:

You can use a saw blade and cut upward into a foe’s groin and buttocks, motioning forward and backward with the Wii remote as you go.

That statement is, in fact, hypothetical, since Manhunt II will not released for Wii with its current rating of “Adults Only,” but the story does raise an interesting question: Does sawing off someone’s butt cheek with a realistic back-and-forth motion make a child more likely to be violent than sawing off a buttcheek with a traditional game controller? We may never know. (Thanks to Bennett for the tip!)

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4 Comments on "OMG, how dangerous? Nintendo Wii"

  1. i’m going to buy this game and see if i wind up sawing off a real person’s buttcheeks. i’ll keep you posted.

  2. Here’s the thing. There’s a rating system in place stating this game is not for kids (well with AO it won’t even be out for WII). Kid’s… Adults Only. HMMM!!
    It’s not Nintendo or Rockstar’s job to do the parenting…

  3. Parents are stupid if they think games can make their kids murderers. And if they are that concerned, then don’t buy the fucking game for you kid. It’s just that simple. Instead of the tv and video games parenting your kids, parent your own damn kids.

  4. It boggles the mind that with all the truly evil BS going on in the world, this is what some choose to concern themselves with. There should SO be a license for breeding.

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