!! OMG, how dangerous: Plastic bags !!

Why do we need to stop using plastic bags? Some top reasons:
1. They are made from petroleum, which means they biodegrade in the reasonable timeframe of NEVER.
2. They get mixed in with other recyclables at the plant and slow down processing times, costing everyone a lot of money.
3. They end up in the oceans, beaches, and everywhere, killing adorable animals.
If you need more reasons than that, read Katharine Mieszkowski’s article on Salon, and then go out and buy a reusable shopping bag, stat.

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4 Comments on "OMG, how dangerous: Plastic bags"

  1. The Body Shop uses biodegradable plastic bags. One year.

  2. We use ours for pickin up dog poo so I hate getting dirty looks at Superstore for getting plastic bags…if there were a better way to avoid that lovely task we’d switch, but I’m totally not recycling pooper scoopers 🙂

  3. the gap in his teeth is brilliant!!
    do you think he can fit a penny sideways through it?

  4. Thanks for posting this reminder. Although the major chain in my area has a despository for their used bags, recycling them still comsumes a lot of resources and is of little improvement environmentally. I’m still reusing some as gargabe liners.

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