!! OMG, how did I miss this?: Blossom on What Not to Wear !!

Um, pardon me? Who didn’t set my TV to record this? Rude! I can’t believe Mayim Bialik was on What Not to Wear, and I missed it. Where can I see this?
Poor Blossom. I mean, she’s obviously smart (she has her PhD) and her wardrobe isn’t a concern, but she’s TV royalty! I don’t know how I feel about Stacy London looking down her nose at Joey’s sister.
I dunno, maybe I don’t need to see the show. If it’s anything like every other episode of What Not to Wear here’s how it will go: They’ll surprise Mayim, she’ll say she has kids and a career and doesn’t care about her clothes and that comfort is her concern, Stacy will roll her eyes and Clinton will give a hefty bottom-scowl and they’ll say “You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort”. Then they’ll make fun of all her clothes and put her in the 360 mirror and say mean things in unison. Then she’ll have a “hard first day” shopping. Then Stacy and Clinton will pick out some horrible shit for her from Sears that makes her look 40 years older than she is, even if she is wearing clean clothes. Finally, a horrible douche named Nick will make passive-aggressive snipes then give her a horrible bob. Then Carmindy (god I love Carmindy) will tap her make-up brushes against a mirror while looking straight into the lens and doing an open-mouthed smile (f*ck, it’s so funny, I love it). She’ll tell Mayim how pretty her eyes are cause the rest of her face ain’t so great. She’ll paint her up like a drag queen at her first show. Then Mayim will come out for the big reveal and Stacy will yell “SHUT UP!”. Mayim will say how great the whole experience has been, she’ll go home, her husband will say she looks beautiful (but he’ll be lying) and all her friends will try too hard to dress nice for the What Not to Wear camera crew. Bing bang boom we’re out!
Thanks Timmy, I wish I was you!

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5 Comments on "OMG, how did I miss this?: Blossom on What Not to Wear"

  1. hahaha..you totally nailed the show…and yet, i can’t seem to get enough of it. well, truthfully, a couple of episodes and then i need a break.
    i like nick.. what i can’t stand are the beeyatches who agree to be on the show and then refuse the free haircut! did you want a makeover or not ?!
    oh and clinton.. call me !

  2. You have uncovered the template…

  3. James Rimmer | July 13, 2009 at 4:40 pm | Reply

    I saw this episode; it’s on regularly. She tells them to keep their money; she’ll buy everything with her own money. Quite fun!

  4. I did see this episode and you pretty much pegged it EXCEPT that we didn’t see her husband and Mayim spent HER OWN MONEY shopping for the clothes she ended up with. Personally, I thought she looked the same, only with more form fitting clothes.
    On a side note…. this show needs to GET RID OF Nick Arrojo! He only knows a short bob, or, on the rare chance he lets a woman keep long hair, they get bangs.

  5. you can find this episode on Fancast.com

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