!! OMG, how do you breathe: Zentai suits !!

A zentai suit covers your whole body, including your face, and is usually made of spandex or lycra. They were originally used for modern dance, but now are used to make experimental, maybe-NSFW viral videos of simulated-tiger-sex, which you can witness after the jump.

(via Queerclick, link NSFW)

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6 Comments on "OMG, how do you breathe: Zentai suits"

  1. zentai bodysuits can divide into two type ,one is a feature for fully cover of the dresser’s body which from feet to head ,and the zip is located vertically at the back.this could make you like a animal zentai suits for the special unique tail. Another type is not fully cover,but designed per person prefer, be sure that these type are often used on stage for funny shows. But the first type of unicolor zentai suits could be unicolor, multicolor, or with flower pattern. For example, avatar’s Multicolor Zentai Suits with horizontal lines, while the leopard zentai are with their own “logos” and lines decorated.

  2. all of that effort and no penetration…I’d do restitching on my zentai suit

  3. This is NOT intended for use by fat people.

  4. i love this shit where can i get one

  5. I want it for my Halloween costume

  6. this turns me on

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